Georgian Bay Food NetworkBrand System

Creating a vibrant brand toolkit for to help tackle food insecurity.

Food insecurity has increasingly become a regional, national, and international concern. The Georgian Bay Food Network (GBFN) was opened during the pandemic to help residents of Midland, Ontario and surrounding municipalities deal with this ongoing issue. Started by Alexandria Hamelin, GBFN provides a supportive, grocery-store-style experience for its clients with a focus on respect and dignity for the community that relies on its services. In collaboration with our strategic partner Doug Dolan, H&W was excited to work with Alexandria on a brand system for this important initiative. With a warm, bold approach for the system’s wordmark typography, we deconstructed the letterforms in the name to create a toolkit of shapes to build endlessly fun illustrations of food items available on GBFN’s shelves. As GBFN’s client base is sadly growing, we wanted to make sure that our system would enable Alexandria to be flexible in her messaging as she expands GBFN’s services.