Toronto Regional Real Estate BoardCase Study

Branding the collective voice for Toronto’s commercial and residential real estate professionals.

We were tasked with rebranding the Toronto Real Estate Board. Established in 1920 as a membership-based organization promoting the professional standards in its industry, this non-profit organization has grown to serve more than 50,000 members and felt it required a renewed and modern brand that would better reflect its membership base and its role as an industry advocate. 

To start, we undertook an extensive and inclusive research and strategy phase that included workshops, interviews and member surveys. That work, along with a thorough audit of all communications touchpoints, formed the basis of our mandate – to create a new visual brand system. That encompassed a new visual identity, review name, new tagline, 100th anniversary mark and comprehensive brand collateral for print and digital applications.

The new visual identity is based on the notion of growth, differentiation and connection, as well as being a visual nod to the real estate industry. The icon itself is meant to represent Toronto Regional Real Estate Board members as a unified force for positive (upward) movement of growth in the real estate profession – showcasing the organization as a progressive and transformative force in the industry. 

“The new tagline, ‘Professionals connecting people, property and communities’ speaks volumes about who the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board Members are and what the organization is. Above all, the new tagline emphasizes the professionalism of our Members. It puts their good name first by highlighting what our Members do – they build communities and help people find their dream homes,” said Toronto Regional Real Estate Board CEO John DiMichele.