Finding Balance

Too much. Too little. 
Too far. Too close. 
Too red. Too blue. 
Too this. Too that.

I realize I’m constantly searching for balance. Finding that balance is not easy, and every person has their way of doing so. For me, it is painting (at least for now).

I remember when I first arrived in Canada (I was just a little over five years old), aside from having to adapt to a new environment, going to school was a hurdle each day. Language was a huge barrier. Everything which was once so easily expressed became incredibly difficult to get across. I was struggling to precisely communicate my thoughts in words… so I did it with pictures. The “painting station” became my escape and also my haven. I was there all the time. It slowly helped build my confidence and find who I was. Thinking back, maybe I was finding a mental balance.

To this day, I still continue to paint as a way to find balance. When at work, I’m designing; I’m strategizing; I’m playing with colours; I’m working with grids and systems; I’m choosing fonts…and there’s a rationale for every decision I make. When I paint, I’m moving paints around; experimenting with colours; finding “that” composition. This seemingly similar process yields very different outcomes – mentally and physically. However, both processes feed off one another. Designing helps refine my paintings. Painting helps loosen my designs. It is through this process that I find my balance in life.

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